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Using Kindle™ ebooks


Most of our courses are textbook-based. With a FREE Kindle™ app, you download textbooks straight to your computer, or read them on a mobile device.  You don't need to buy a separate Kindle™ reader.


As well as being convenient and saving space, books for Kindle™ are frequently cheaper than the printed edition.


The problem is, most books are still not available in Kindle™ format. There is a long way to go before most publishers embrace Kindle™ technology for their complete list, including many wonderful out-of-print titles which would then have a new lease of life. The technology exists to scan books quickly and easily and convert them into the right format. (This is different from PDF as PDF is not directly compatible).


Specially formatted books, such as those using coloured text, complicated layouts and lots of illustrations and diagrams, present a problem as the book needs to be reformatted especially for the electronic Kindle™ or .mobi format and a lot of tweaking is necessary to get it right. That means quite an investment in time and money. The gains, though, can be considerable as once ready, there is no limit to the number of copies that can be sold without additional resources. Your reading is green with Kindle™!


UKCHT courses using books available for Kindle™


   Diploma in Ecotourism


   Diploma in Psychiatric Disorders Awareness


   Certificate in Psychiatric Drugs Awareness


   Diploma in Gnosticism


More Kindle-compatible courses to follow.  Some of our longer courses using several texts may use some books available for Kindle™, but not the whole course booklist.


We normally provide a free textbook for our shorter courses to UK students but, since only Amazon can sell Kindle books and not us, we offer a discount on the tuition fee if you decide to buy your book in Kindle format through our links. 


How our Kindle™ campaign works - it's simple!


Amazon is doing its best to persuade publishers to make books available for Kindle™.  If any book in print featured on their website doesn't have a Kindle edition, you will see a link saying "I'd like to read this book on Kindle". Click on that link, and that's all you do. Amazon will notify the publisher that there are readers waiting for a Kindle edition.


Help us by ALWAYS clicking on that link whenever you find a book on Amazon that isn't available on Kindle. It doesn't matter what the book is, or whether you already have it or not. The more people use the links, the more publishers will be inundated with Kindle requests, and they might make the decision to make their entire lists available in electronic form.


Tell all your friends and relatives to click on the Kindle links too. 


What about our course manuals?


Because our course manuals are used when people are writing their homework, having them in .doc or .pdf format is OK because people will have them on their computers.  You can't use a Kindle™ to write with. However, we are developing some courses that use textbooks to be created in-house.  We will bear Kindle™ in mind during development to make it easier to convert those courses for Kindle™.  Some of our manuals also contain live links and need to be on a device with internet access so you can follow the links.


However, if you have a stand-alone Kindle™ reader, you can send documents to it including documents in PDF, DOC or DOCX formats - to read more about this feature, click on the illustrated Kindle ad at the top of this page.  Certain documents might not format on the Kindle™ exactly as in the original format.


So if you would like to have our course manuals on your Kindle™, you can.



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