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No textbooks are required for the Meridian Energy Therapy course because it is self-contained and all materials are supplied. However, the books featured below are highly recommended  (UK links provided - if you would like US links please contact us.)













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Diploma in
Meridian Counselling and EFT
A distance learning course
(this course was previously called
"Meridian Energy Therapy and EFT")

green arrow - book available on Kindle(tm)Course includes all lesson texts as PDFs

Keywords: energy psychology, meridian tapping, meridian counselling, EFT counselling, psychotherapy, emotional freedom techniques

   College accreditation: International Association for Distance Learning.
Course accredited by  ACCPH (see link in left-hand column). 

Update: Since this course was written for us some years ago, the market for EFT trainings has changed considerably, with new and different forms of EFT being taught and practised. This course is now offered as a "conversion" course to allow EFT practitioners without counselling-related qualifications to work as "talking therapists" and join an appropriate counselling-related professional body such as ACCPH or register with a counselling organisation such as the charity "Counselling" whose website is counselling.ltd.uk . In the UK there is great freedom of practice for counsellors/psychotherapists and this course can form part of your professional training. In other countries where strict licensing/regulation for counsellors is in force, you would need to meet local training and qualification requirements and should check with the relevant authorities in your country before applying. However anyone with some EFT training may enrol on this course for personal interest or for CPD purposes.

Prerequisite: To take this course you need either to have EFT 1 & 2 Certification (from any provider) or equivalent. Contact us with details of your qualifications/skills if unsure of your eligibility.

Total recommended period of study: approx. 3 to 6 months or less. Continuous enrolment. No time limit.

Cost:  (you must already have EFT 1 & 2 or equivalent)

225.00  (225 Pounds Sterling - for currency conversion see www.xe.com )

Method of study 

For the Diploma in Meridian Counselling and EFT, lessons are provided as PDF files. Written assignments are set for each lesson. Assignment questions are issued by email and students return their written work by email. Grades and feedback are issued by email.

Course Introduction

Meridian Energy Therapy, also known as Meridian Psychotherapy or Energy Psychology, has its roots not only in psychotherapy but in physical energy treatments such as acupuncture and acupressure. It is a treatment that is non-invasive as it does not require needles to be inserted into the skin. However, it does require that a selection of these acupoints (acupuncture or acupressure points) are percussed, or “tapped”, usually using the first two fingers of each hand. These points are percussed by the patient at the direction of the therapist at certain points during the overall treatment protocol. Once the client has undertaken several therapy sessions, and the therapist has instructed the client fully in the procedure; the client is then in a position to use the tapping technique to reinforce the treatment without attending the therapist.

Counselling/Psychotherapy is a talking therapy as opposed to a manipulative therapy. There are many schools of thought, and results can be achieved over a wide range of psychological conditions. However, treatment sessions can be extensive in number and can continue over many months.

Up to now the talking therapies have existed largely as a generally loose-linked field of different approaches, schools, and interpretations. Meridian Energy Therapy takes the view that integration of the psychotherapeutic approach with energy therapies such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can provide the most efficient treatment in the relief of emotionally generated problems. Techniques such as EFT therefore become tools in the practice of Energy Therapy, and the relationship between psychotherapy and meridian energy therapies can be likened to that between the spanner which turns the nut (EFT, TFT) and the engineer who decides which nut to turn (psychotherapy).

Meridian energy therapies are not the only tools in meridian psychotherapy’s toolbox. The original tools of psychotherapy are the various disciplines of Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, and Counselling. These three subjects are all “talking subjects” inasmuch as there is verbal interaction between the therapist and the client.

When this verbal interaction is combined with the physical interactions practiced in energy therapies such as EFT and TFT we have a treatment modality that has the potential to offer the combined benefits of both talking and energy-based therapies.

(We must point out that Meridian therapies are experimental therapies and, as with many other styles of therapy, scientific research concerning this model is only in its infancy. However, going by the growing anecdotal evidence for EFT and the known widespread use of talking therapies, the possibilities of Meridian Energy Therapy are compelling.)


Outline of syllabus

  • The Energy Meridians, the Chakras and Meridian Counselling/ Psychotherapy

  • The meridian points used in Meridian Energy Therapy

  • The History of Meridian Energy Therapy

  • Integration of the talking therapies with various styles of Energy Therapy

  • Procedures of Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • Energy Toxins and Allergies

  • Applied Kinesiology and the Meridians

  • An Overview of Psychotherapy

  • Integration of Talk and Touch

  • Psychological Reversal and Aspects

  • Phobias and Other Emotional Disorders

  • Psychosomatic and Physical Disorders

  • The Energy Field and Mental Tapping

Is this a course in counselling or psychotherapy?

Meridian Energy Therapy is also known as Meridian Psychotherapy and so can be placed within the talking therapies though it also makes use of acupressure tapping and other techniques.

In the UK and certain other countries, counselling and psychotherapy are unregulated so if you have an appropriate background you could call yourself a Meridian Counsellor or Psychotherapist. However in the USA and other regimes counselling and psychotherapy might require specific educational qualifications and local licences, and in such locations you would not use the term "psychotherapist" or "counsellor" unless licensed to do so. In such areas, since "Energy Therapy" and "EFT" are unlikely to be regulated, you can use those terms.


Entry criteria and suitability 

To take this course you need either to have EFT 1 & 2 Certification (from any provider) or equivalent  Apart from that, no particular qualifications are required.



There is no textbook required for the Meridian Energy Therapy course as comprehensive lessons in PDF format are provided. However, certain books are recommended.


Successful graduates will receive the Diploma in Meridian Counselling and EFT awarded by UK College of Holistic Training which is a private UK qualification. The college is accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning. Course accredited by  ACCPH (see links in left-hand column).     

Further study - Advanced Diploma in Meridian Counselling

On completion of this course you will be eligible to enrol for our Advanced Diploma in Meridian Counselling - the web page for that course is under construction but the course materials are available.

The Advanced Diploma expands upon the concepts you have already studied, with greater focus on the meridian system, giving further information on treatment of a range of conditions and on the integration of hypnotherapy with meridian tapping. 


Further information

Please see our FAQs page for general information.

We reserve the right to change the syllabus and other details of any course at any time.

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