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         February 2015

We have temporarily suspended the offers on this page because of the new EU regulations concerning sale of digital products. All such products now attract VAT (Value Added Tax) for cross-border sales, charged at the VAT rate of the country whre the purchaser is located. Many UK dgital sellers have stopped selling to the EU, and many US digital sellers have stopped selling to the UK, due to the complicated requirements for choosing the correct VAT rate, collecting and storing the correct data for 10 years, and handling the tax reports.

Our own courses are not affected as the HMRC (the UK tax authority) has informed us that our courses are not regarded as digital for VAT purposes due to the manual processing involved in course assessment, issue of paper qualifications, etc. Our courses do not attract VAT at present.

However, like other course developers, we have had to put development of all-digital courses on hold because of these regulatory changes.

There is a proposal to extend the new VAT rules to non-digital products and services from 2016. This would probably force us to charge VAT at the highest EU rate (up to 27%) on everything for sales to customers outside the UK and in the EU. We would not be able to cope with this and would then consider not selling to people in the EU.

As well as the EU, other coutries such as Japan, Canada and possibly the USA are trying to force digital sellers worldwide to register for their VAT systems and charge customers in their countries at the local rate of VAT. The effect could be to vastly restrict the global sales of digital products unless they are sold via major distributors such as Amazon.

We cannot provide full details here. For more information about the new VAT regulations for UK and EU sellers, please see


Also the Facebook groups DigitalVAT2015 and euvataction

Social media hashtags #VATMOSS #VATMESS













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